There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you’re smiling you’re doing it right.



Suitable for everyone, even those who have never seen the ocean can participate; The instructor will come up with a max of 8 people to give you the basics of materials, beaches, and technique carefully to get started and take the first waves.


If you’ve already participated in one or more Beginner courses and you feel ready to improve posture, style and this is the course for you! The instructor with a maximum of 8 pupils will be alert to giving feedback immediately so that they can be applied immediately to the water.


Do you have a good surfing experience and would you like to train yourself to increase your performance and be followed by a Surf Coach? Our instructor will follow you step by step to increase the technical performance, sporting even for competitive ends.


The ancient Polynesian peoples used it as a means of transport to cross the various islands and now became the last fashion among the water sports on the table. The SUP, “stand up paddle” or also known as “PADDLE SURF” is a sporting novelty related to surfing, which consists of standing and advancing on a larger “surf” table with more volume, A remedy aid. In no time will you find the reason why the SUP has been very successful in recent years. Easy to learn and accessible to everyone, it is possible to walk in flat water and …. Why not! … surfing small and big waves. Its greatest advantage is that from the first moment you feel the feeling of slipping on the water and in a short time you will be able to take your first wave!


90% of the difficulty of surfing is in the first moves, that is reading the wave motion, finding the right starting time, taking the takeoff and managing all the unexpected that the wave can generate. The remaining 10% are all the maneuvers we are going to perform during our turn. What happens if we can bring that 10% on a workout out of the water? The surfskate is an integral part of our training for this very reason! By improving your skills and your maneuvers on land you will get fast and precise results that you can simply bring back to your table. Find out how to implement your surfskate surf training.

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