First I want to introduce myself, I’m Emiliano, director and co-founder of the school. With my friends and partners Domenico, Marco and Roman collaborators, we had increase a beautiful image and quality, reliability and professionalism. We have a lot of experience and training. All monitors are certificated by the ISA (International Surfing Association) and first and second level Spanish / Canary Surf Federation.  Judge / referee of international level, Roman Alvarez continues to organize the World Championships in Sintra in Portugal (every year in the middle of September) and referee surf contest & s.u.p. (stand up paddle) organized by the Canary Islands circuit in Fuerteventura. We are official School of the Canary Islands and are sponsored by Bear Surf legendary brand advice in the history of surfing, Bear Surf has chosen us like official surf school.


The Canaries Islands are a great destination to escape the cold and go in search of perfect waves. Today, surfing is fashionable and growing globally.
The Surf will be for the first time in the Olympic competitions in Japan during the Olympic Games of the year 2020.

In Fuerteventura where there are the most beautiful waves in the Europe with constant temperatures all year, surfing is an experience not to be missed during your holidays.
Trust on highly qualified masters and instructors who are 100% certificated and who have serious and professional image grow during the years is absolutely mandatory. Trust on qualificated people working in compliance with the law and safety is the most important.


We teach hundred of people each year to practice in the beatiful and tropical waves of the Atlantic Ocean! We bring customers with us to the most beautiful beaches of the Fuerteventura desert. We choose the best waves of the day based on the weather conditions, the size and the direction of the waves. We follow our customers step by step, in the waves of the ocean in this beautiful tropical island, where we teach everything you need to know to drive and experience the thrill of surfing. For 8 years we have helped hundred of people who want, like in a “Big Wednesday / Tres Amigos“, to experience the thrill of the ocean driven by the power of nature. Our customers do not have to think about anything but just have fun, otherwise, we think of all of us, from the transport to the beaches, the equipment, swimwear, the surfboards, the leashes and wax to avoid to slipping on the surfboards.


The surfskate has become a very good tool to learning surf. It allows to memorize the correct techniques and reproduce them later in water.
Through our training you can:

Doing the same movements and sensations that you feel in the ocean with the surfboard, wh with this tool you can optimize the availabe time to try again nd again the movements in a single training session. It would take a lot more time in the water

• If you are a beginner, you will learn the correct stance to keep you on the surfboard and the ability to learn the basic curves with the correct weight balance.

• If you are an expert, you can improve the technique to be faster pumping speed and practice any kind of manouvres.

All lessons are composed of technical and practical knowledge held by instructors of I.S.A. F.E.S. F.C.S. and SMOOTHSTAR. 


Our instructors are all certified by the Surf Federation (FES / FCS) for their experience they want to teach surf and try to explain their view in this kind of lifestryle.


Our 8-seater minibuses will take you to the most beatiful beaches on the north coast. At the beach, doing some gymnastics to warm up and the safe theoryc part necessary to respect safety rules before to go in the clear and beatiful water of Fuerteventura, proclaimed by UNESCO Biosphere.

Calle Aristides Hernandez Moran
35660 Corralejo

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